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As a consultancy GMP Healthcare is no stranger to inspecting, whether it be conducting or hosting inspections at our clients’ sites, which is just one of the many services we can offer. This week the shoe was on the other foot as a Senior GMDP MHRA inspector visited our own GMP Manufacturing facility for the very first time to conduct an inspection of our Pharmaceutical Quality System and facility.

After spending two days with the inspector, we are happy to report that the inspection went extremely well and we have achieved our goal of attaining our own MIA (Manufacturers/Importers Authorisation) with no CRITICAL or MAJOR deficiencies identified. This is testament to the hard work, dedication and the level of experience we have in our team at GMP Healthcare. The inspector was very complimentary of our team’s knowledge and experience and the systems we have put in place, even taking away samples of documents that were considered exemplary.